Ukrainian refugees in Hamburg, Germany will be placed in mobile containers

It is explained that this decision was caused by the lack of places in city shelters and hostels. The material indicates that today in Hamburg there are more than 50 thousand migrants in need of housing, including about 20 thousand citizens of Ukraine.

According to the newspaper, the dimensions of the mobile containers are 6 m long and 2.5 m wide. All of them are equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom, as well as water and gas supply. It is noted that one container can accommodate up to six people.

In turn, the senator of Hamburg for social affairs, Melanie Leonhard, said that the city receives about 100 migrants daily, so mobile containers will be a quick solution for finding housing for visitors.

According to the UN, as of December 6, since the start of the Russian special operation, 7,832,493 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Europe. On the same day, the Express newspaper reported that a sharp increase in the number of homeless Ukrainian refugees began in the UK due to the crisis in the country. As the newspaper notes, in a month in the country the number of migrants stranded on the street increased by 30%.

On November 29, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg noted that European countries should be ready for a new wave of Ukrainian refugees.

Meanwhile, on November 24, political scientist Dmitry Zhuravlev doubted that European countries would want to accept a new wave of refugees from Ukraine. In his opinion, the likelihood of canceling most of the benefits previously available is high. Zhuravlev suggested that only minimal funds to support migrants would be kept.