The British spoke about the feeling of shame because of the problems with refugees

The enthusiasm of the people of Great Britain towards Ukrainian refugees has been replaced by a sense of shame because of the desire to return to familiar conditions.

She talked with the participants of the government program “Houses for Ukraine” – many admitted that it is becoming increasingly difficult to help. Against the backdrop of rising prices, the British are faced with the inability to provide free accommodation for their guests. In addition, it turned out that a significant part of the refugees need not only a roof over their heads, but professional psychological assistance.

Accumulating stress and financial problems lead to conflicts between local residents and visitors. At the same time, even if one of the Ukrainians decides to provide for himself on his own, he runs the risk of ending up in a bureaucratic dead end due to difficulties in paperwork, the lack of guarantors of solvency, and many other factors. The result is depressing: the number of homeless among the displaced citizens of Ukraine is growing rapidly, in such a situation, many decide to return to their native country, regardless of the risks.

Ukrainian blue and yellow national flag waving in the air against sky

Earlier, on December 5, The Times newspaper reported that the number of refugees from Ukraine left homeless after arriving in the UK increased by almost 30%. The government is discussing the possibility of paying twice as much to host families. According to the publication, this situation occurred due to the fact that the British stopped providing support to those who decided to leave Ukraine.

Prior to this, on November 24, it was reported that refugees from Ukraine are facing discrimination from British landlords who deliberately deny them housing. A Ukrainian refugee who arrived in the UK back in February was surprised at the negative change in the attitude of local residents towards Ukrainians.

According to the Office of the UN High Commissioner, since February 24, 7,832,493 refugees have arrived in Europe. In total, 16,087,565 residents left the territory of Ukraine, but 8,309,718 people crossed the border in the opposite direction during the same period.